"Timesheet Dashboard displays total timesheets of employees, count of staff
who entered timesheet, weekly hours and actual hours, ongoing & completed project details, Leave details of particular week."

"The staff creation allows you to assign department, designation, staff role,
hourly charges, user credentials to the user/staff and other details of the users like skills and certifications."

"Project Management is tracking and processing of large amounts
of data in real time and that includes total time spent on projects/activities.
You can easily identify, who is working on which projects, which are still
pending and going to overrun their scheduled time."

"Employee Can Log their weekly activities in less than a minute,including Expenses and Narrations with every entry.Users can also see the exact time entered for the day."

"With JTMS, monthly and hourly employees can enter hours spent on specific projects/tasks throughout the week, and revise them when needed so your reporting data is consistent.JTMS can also calculate payroll and calculate billable hours automatically, based on your employees' hourly rates."

"A time tracking report, or timesheet, shares how much time was spent on the various components of a project, or during a specified length of time.In JTMS timeshee software you will get all types of report like attendace report,costing report etc."

"Email & Freezing Timesheet"